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How to get to SOMER? No worries!!
GOOGLE Navigation
Northbound :
National Freeway No. 1 -> National Freeway No. 86 To Anping District ->
Exit on No. 2 Wanli Interchange to Tainan, then take Section 1, Yongcheng Toad ->
Continue for 3 km, then turn right on to Section 1, Zhonghua South Road ->
Continue for 400 m, then turn left on to Section 1, Ximen Rd
Continue for about 4 km, 【Somer Hotel】will be to your right
Southbound :
National Freeway No. 1 -> take Yongkang exit 319 to Tainan ->
Then take Zhongzheng North Road to continue on Zhongzheng South Road, Xiaobei Road and then Ximen Road. →
On the second section of Ximen Road and the Jun Wei intersection → 【Somer Hotel】will be to your left
Take the High speed rail to Tainan HSR Station, there are two ways to get to SOMER Hotel: :
◎ Transfer with train: Turn left at the check gate and walk 100 feet to the 台鐵沙崙站 (Shalun Station). Please refer to the following “Train guide”.
◎ Transfer with taxi: Exit 3, inform the driver to西門路二段、郡緯路口,近西門圓環 (Section 2, Ximen Road, Jun Wei intersection, near Ximen circle), takes about 30 minutes, and cost around NT$450
Take the Railway train to Tainan Train Station, and there are two ways to get to SOMER Hotel :
◎ Transfer with Bus :
1.  1. Exit through the main front exit, through underpass. Crossing 中山路(Zhongshan Road) and 成功路(Chenggong Road) you will arrive 公車北站[Bus North Station]
2.  2. Take line 3 bound for 海東國小(Haidong Elementary School),
      or line 18 bound for台南站 (Tainan Station)
3. Exit the bus at西門路三段口(3rd section of Ximen Road)
4.  Walk towards to 西門圓環(Ximen Circle), and SOMER Hotel will be to your left.
◎ Transfer with Taxi:Exit through the main front exit. Wait for an available taxi. Inform taxi driver to西門路二段、郡緯路口,近西門圓環 (Section 2, Ximen Road, Jun Wei intersection, near Ximen circle), takes about 6 mins, and cost around NT$120.
Contracted Parking Space :
GOOGLE Navigation
Address :中西區郡緯街7號 (No. 7 Jun Wei street, Zhongxi District)
Directions to the hotel :
Exit the parking lot then turn left, walk along the 郡緯街(Jun Wei Street) toward 西門路(Ximen Road) for about 3 min. SOMER Hotel will be to your right.
★ Parking space is available on a first-come-first-served basis due to the limited number of spaces. If you leave a parking space, it may not be available upon your return. Parking space reservations are not available.
★ The hotel has a parking lot, which requires an additional fee (TWD$300 on weekdays, TWD$400 on weekends).
The Parking Space Of Hai'an Road:
GOOGLE Navigation
Address: :台南市中西區海安路二段98號 (No. 98, Section 2, Hai'an Road, West Central District, Tainan City, 700)
Directions to the hotel :
1.  Enter the basement parking lot at the intersection of 民族路(Minzu Road) and 海安路(Hai'an Road) (the entrance is on the Minzu road)
2.  After parking, take the stairs and reach the exit of the 民族路(Minzu Road) on the 1st floor. In the direction of 海安路(Hai'an Road). 2 minutes to the right of the 郡緯街(Jun Wei Street), go forward for 4 minutes, SOMER Hotel will be to your left-hand side.