“The historic Rice Street, a beautiful Journey- it all starts with SOMER Hotel.”
Channel your inner child, experience 新美街(Xinmei street), explore the city

The sun on Tainan SOMER (the ancient English word for "Summer") is warm and gentle.

Inspired by the passion and hospitality of the South, the new architectural style is reminiscent of its old soul.

It is a trip down memory lane; an inspiring journey starting from Somer.


“One kind of rice feeds hundred kinds of life.“

It all begins with Rice Street. SOMER will feed your enthusiasm to explore the stories of the Fucheng Castle Town, from which to find clues to your own journey!

"Hundreds of journeys can stem from one beautiful source". SOMER is a thoughtful and comfortable home away from home.

After a few days' stay, it will be hard to move on from this breathtaking, unique part of your journey.

[暖 Warm] We want you to experience the Fucheng warmth and hospitality.
[時Time] Share with you the memories and customs that have been built over time.
[嚼 Chew] Walk with you through the alleys, listen to legends and stories, and savor them.
[旅 Travel] Then bring you back to a comfortable and cozy space to recharge and start again.
[暖時逸旅SOMER Hotel] transforms our childhood memories into inspirations for your next journey.
From a fulfilling first encounter, end the journey in harvest
The circle symbolizes your first encounter with Somer. the simple lines symbolize rice, rice bags, fishing nets, and the characteristic pattern of Somer's S with an additional touch of rice.
and the characteristic pattern of Somer's S with an additional touch of rice. It represents the memories of harvest. It is a Somer journey in the most unique way.
“Rice, rice bags, fishing nets, tatamis- the stories of generations”
We have also left small clues for you to discover on each floor. Look for the signs. They will tell you the stories of 新美街(Xinmei street).
A traveler's rice, the energy source of the journey
Step out of Somer’s door, stand in the center of old Rice Street. Imagine the people of the past, young and old, flourishing, buying rice and talking about life. Perhaps you will start to understand a different kind of life. Eat well, rest well. Start your next journey from SOMER rejuvenated.
One bag of rice takes you on hundred beautiful journeys
SOMER is a traveler’s rice bag. Not unlike the history of 新美街(Xinmei Street) filled with various types of shops and traveler’s footsteps, it carries the curiosity and dreams, from which beautiful journeys begin!
Alleyways form the network that brings Fucheng old city’s prosperity
The history of SOMER is echoed in the junction of the 佛頭港(Fotou Port) and the 新港墘港(Xinang Port). The hustle and bustle of fishermen selling their catch and the elderly weaving traditional fishing nets are scenes that are invoked by nostalgia.
A perfect mix of passion, appreciation, and graitude
The straw core is the main material of the tatami, in which Japanese craftsmanship persevers and Taiwanese passion is displayed. It embodies today’s Tainan, a city of strength, and warm and loving people.
“At each turn of the corner, the journey is yours to make”
The beginning of each journey is like a blank piece of paper. With some writing, perhaps some photographs or drawings, it begins to depict a wonderful story.
新美街(Xinmei Street) opens up limitless possibilities to experience the ancient ways and old 西門路(Ximen Road)
“There are stories and pleasant surprises in every corner of this home away from home.”
Hide and seek in the barn- warm and more simple times.
Most remember the jutting stacks of rice bags that turned storage houses into their childhood playgrounds. The fishbone shaped ceiling of our dining space conveys our history and evokes pure nostalgia.
The fishing cage is turned into a lamp, the symbol of the return of the traveler.
Fishing cages nets prevalent in Wugang Port have become part of our warm-hearted memories. The fishing cage-shaped lamps serve as guides for weary travelers, just as schools of the fish would return home and embrace their resting space.
A space of natural symbiosis, happy and comfortable
We remember the river bank stones and moss that we played with as a children, wading in nature's playground. With a unique paint method, we bring this feeling into Somer. It all begins from the moment you check in.
The smell of rice fills the room, the classic taste of Rice Street
“A mixture of tradition and modernity, live in nostalgia comfortably”
The traditional iron windows and wooden frames of our childhood homes are key elements in the room. The details evoke the nostalgic and relaxed atmosphere in the style of Somer.
“【The old and [新New] overlap, [美beauty] is everywhere- starting from Rice Street and new 新美街(Xinmei Street)”
Once you step out of Somer Chew Hotel, you will find the ancient street that takes you back in time. Walking in the streets where the present is intertwined with the past, you can almost smell the warmth of the ancient rice.
If you are lucky enough to meet someone familiar with the old ways, you may wish to listen to him/her telling the story of the rice and how the Fucheng people were raised by the land of the South and the Sun.
Somer is surrounded by the most fascinating blocks in Tainan. It’s a great starting point to any story.
Along the ramp of 民族路(Minzu Road) is the residence of the Ming-Qing officials, which was exhibited in Chihkan Tower and God of War Temple.
You can also choose to wander 國華街(Guohua Street), where you will find the Yongle Market from the 1960s, and get a glimpse of authentic Fucheng City.
After walking through the [Ximen Road] front gate, you will have delved into the history of Tainan, having known Xiaoximen, the traditional markets, and the city garden.
Onwards to Rice Street! Go and experience the intersection of the [新new] and the old, and the [美beauty] of Fucheng.
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